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Do you have a passion for the French language? Do you want to increase your proficiency while learning how French can fit into a future career? If so, you should consider PLNU's Certificate in French. Designed to build your French conversational skills, the French Certificate is a great option for students who wish to supplement their major studies with increased knowledge of the French language. (17 UNITS)


  • Lower Division: FRE 1001 (FE), FRE 1002 (FE), FRE 2050, FRE 2051

  • Upper Division: FRE 3003

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Are you interested in learning the second most common language in the world? Do you want to study abroad or work in an international setting? If so, you should consider PLNU's Certificate in Spanish. For students who desire to supplement their major area of study with the ability to speak Spanish, the certificate program is designed to strengthen your listening, reading, and writing skills to become conversationally proficient. (17 UNITS)


  • Lower Division: SPA 1001 (FE), SPA 1002 (FE), SPA 2050, SPA 2051

  • Upper Division: SPA 3000

* Before registering, please confirm course times and dates with your advisor, the advising guide, and PLNU Workday.

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