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Language Placement


LJWL offers language courses in Spanish, French, and Italian. Jumpstart your language program with a language placement test to begin at your level of language competency.


MAJORS: French and Spanish

MINORS: French and Spanish


FE LANGUAGE COURSES: French, Italian, and Spanish

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Note: Beginning in Fall 2023, we will NOT be offering an in-person language placement test at PLNU. However, you may take the test with a remote proctor (instructions below).

If you are interested in either testing into a more advanced language class at PLNU or waiving the PLNU language requirement entirely*, you may do so by taking the BYU-FLATS language placement exam with a remote proctor (Proctor360). The exam offers multiple languages; you can view the full list of available languages here.


Since the exam uses a remote proctor, you will select the date and time you wish to take it. The fee breakdown will be $50 for the exam + $20 for Proctor360 upon choosing an exam date/time. Here are the instructions you need to sign up:

1. Please go to the BYU-FLATS remote proctor page here and read the directions. (Use this as a reference.)

2. Sign up for the FLATS test here and input this information in the following sections:

  • Proctor Information: Select "Autofill Proctor360 as My Proctor"

  • Sending Results to Your School:

    • Name: Madi Bucci

    • Department: Literature, Journalism, Writing, & Languages

    • University: Point Loma Nazarene University

    • Address: 3900 Lomaland Dr

    • City, State Zip: San Diego, CA 92106

    • Phone: 619-849-2695

    • Email:

3. Once you wait a few days to ensure Proctor360 receives your password, please sign up for a date and time here.

*Please note: The BYU-FLATS exam waives either both FE/GE languages courses or neither course. You cannot waive only one of the courses (e.g., LAN 1001 only). If you are hoping to test out of only one of the FE courses, please contact our language section leaders at the contact information listed in the FAQ section below.

If you have further questions about the process, please email Department Assistant Madi Bucci at


Contact us at to see see about an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) to help you get started in language courses that meet your competency level.


If you completed one of the following exams prior to enrollment at PLNU, you may submit your official score to the PLNU Records Office for language placement review: AP, BYU FLATS, CLEP, IB, or OPI.


How can I earn a language degree? 

Visit the PLNU website to see a complete list of programs and courses. If you are interested in a major, minor, or language certificate, contact our language section leaders, Dr. Paula Cronovich and Prof. Jacque Mitchell. 

Who can I ask about a language major/minor? 

Paula Cronovich and Jacque Mitchell are our current language section leaders, but all LJWL language faculty, including the following, can assist with questions pertaining to language courses:

Will I get unit credit for a placement test? 

You do not earn unit credit for the following placement tests: BYU FLATS or OPI.

If taken prior to matriculation at PLNU, you may receive unit credit for CLEP, IB, or AP tests. For more information about CLEP, click here.

What do I need to score to place out of FE/GE courses? 

The BYU Flats exam provides placement information that will tell you the appropriate course placement based on your results. **Please note, LJWL faculty must review and approve your scores before you will be placed in a higher level course.

If I am a non-native speaker of English, can I waive the foreign language requirement? 

While we would encourage you to take on a new language at the college level, if you who completed high school or college coursework in a language other than English, it is possible you are eligible for a waiver of the FE/GE foreign language requirement. For more information, please contact Paula Cronovich and/or Jacque Mitchell.

I took an AP/IB class in high school and passed the test. Do I still have to take a foreign language?

Check the PLNU catalog for placement info about AP and IB credit. Not all scores result in placement beyond the FE/GE level requirement. 

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